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The peak incidence of acute respiratory infections accounted for the cold seasons of the year and this is not surprising. The word "cold" refers to cooling. Why, however, the cooling of the body leads to colds? As a result, all common cooling narrowed peripheral vessels and body, primarily skin and muscle vessels. Central vessels as - the heart, kidney, brain, lung, conversely, expands. Blood goes from the periphery to the center. Are you going to buy anabolic steroids online? The body tends to retain a more important organs due to less important. Such a reaction is entrenched in the process of evolution, and it is called "the centralization of circulation." The biological significance of this centralization is to provide nutrients and warmth (the blood and acts as a heat carrier) by the central authorities of the peripheral. Narrowing the skin vessels, among other things, reduces the heat transfer process. Vasoconstriction superficial tissues causes blood vessels that are narrowed and the nose, and this leads to a dramatic disruption in the process of exchange of the nasal cavity. Nose - a shield, a shield to infection, which might get into the body. The surface of the inner nose is quite a large area due to the winding of the nasal cavities and sinuses. Steroids for sale was therefore used only at gym. Most of the surface is necessary to ensure that the incoming air from the outside is better warmed. And in order to allow more dust and bacteria are deposited in the nose. Inside the nose lined with a mucous membrane, which are microvilli - so called ciliated epithelium. The villi are constantly committing undulations, throwing out the settled dust particles and bacteria.

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In addition, the nasal mucosa produces antibiotics, anti-viral and anti-microbial antibodies, antitoxins, and so on. D. Good prices for legal anabolic steroids is hard to find. All of this is intended to eliminate the infection and neutralize microbial toxins. As you can see, nasopharynx - a protective organ that warms, cleans and disinfects the air entering the body from the outside.

Centralization of blood circulation and a sharp narrowing of superficial blood vessels leads to a drastic violation of the exchange, not only in the nose. Mucous freezes. Cold air, warmed enough comes on and off by the bronchi that respond to this cooling spasm and inflammation. Most of steroids for sale were purchased online. Impaired function of the ciliated epithelium of the nose leads to the accumulation of dust in the cavity of the nose, and bacteria, which immediately begin to multiply and contribute to the development of the notorious cold. And so on. D., And so on. N. The mechanisms of violations could enumerate a long time, but, let's dwell on this for now.

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So you're not just a cold. Let's be realistic and just try to determine its capabilities because it largely depends on the form of the common cold. If this simple ARI, you have enough to cure 1-2 days. You went to buy anabolic steroids online and this save your time. If the flu, the case is serious, less than with 3 days you do not get off. If God forbid happen pneumonia, I saw only one person who coped with the disease in just 4 days fasting. Athletes generally people strong. They shoulder the fact that ordinary people can not dream. There are more than 140 agents of ARI, and only a few influenza viruses (although different strains). How to distinguish from influenza ARI? ARI usually occurs at a temperature less than 38 °. This temperature is usually about 37,5 ° C- 37,8 ° C not more than that. And the last is a disease without treatment is not more than 2 weeks. Influenza - a serious thing. Steroids for sale also used by fithness enthusiasts. Influenza is considered a heavy infectious disease 39 . It occurs at a temperature above 38 ° C and lasts much longer than 3 weeks. The diagnosis of pneumonia you can put only a doctor, it is very specific pattern of breathing sounds and noise on auscultation (listening to) the rib cage.

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